phew!! done with a sem at IISc

My friend Ayan had called me up the other day. He was asking me if I was free. I replied,”Ya I am free, done with my projects and assignments finally,tomorrow have an exam”. Thats the extent of freedom I have had in the last 4 months. Exams infact are a big break. With such good profs. who needs to study?Infact it was during the exams that we decided to freak out and watch a few movies. Watched Dhoom-2 right in the thick of tension.Kinda pleasure to do the craziest thing when u r in deep ***t.

IISc seems a lot different now. We are no longer those enthu freshers now. We are worn out veterans. A month back the only way I cud solace myself was by saying,”If u can get thru this, u can get thru anything else in the world.” When a 5000 odd transistor ckt suddenly stops working the whole world seems like plotting ur suicide. I m sure ppl would have a climbed the dept. building and given a thought about taking a jump.

But finally, here comes vacation.Infact the last till may 2008!!!. 15 days of nothing. By nothing I mean absolutely nothing.. I sleep for 16hrs a day and still crave for more. probably recovered all the sleep lost in the last 4 months. alrite, I m feeling sleepy again..

May come with a decent post before May 2008.

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4 Comments on “phew!! done with a sem at IISc”

  1. ashish 'sys' Says:

    maccha i dint know u also blog… maccha nice to know that you have enthu freshers now :)…

  2. Dr shivamurthy GB Says:

    hi Ajeet,
    nice to know about you visit davangere OBA-ssbj Mett on dec 22nd & 23rd without fail.
    with best wishes
    shivamurthy gb

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